Luuk Botter

Luuk Botter

I started playing this game about 7 years ago when i was working full time in the restaraunt business. After getting one-on one coaching with JNandez I slowly got more into the game and fell in love with the depth and complexity of it. 

I am always curious on learning more about the game and really enjoy diving deep into the strategical parts of it.

Working intensively with Monkersolver has become a daily routine for myself. Not only to become better as a player myself but also to create PLO Content.

Luuk Botter videos.

I work together with the PLO Mastermind as one of the coaches, and I am the person behind the PLO Mastermind quizzes.

Luuk Botter

My main game is PLO 50 up until PLO 200 online. Right now my main focus is creating content and quizzes for the PLO Mastermind. 

I also offer one-on-one coaching and stream live PLO Cash games.

I offer tactical and strategical support to the community at the highest levels. I recently delivered one of our most popular courses, focused on Crushing Small Stakes PLO.

A screenshot from the Crushing Small Stakes PLO course, by Luuk Botter for the PLO Mastermind.

I am a poker player and poker coach playing Pot-Limit Omaha. I have a deep understanding of the game, how it’s evolved, and what it takes to move up in stakes in 2021.

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