GGPoker Explained

An essential part of the GG network is to make gameplay fun for everybody. This means there are structures in place to make sure the system is fair and balanced, and even opportunity for prizes when you have bad luck at the tables.

In this article we go through the main aspects that you need to know to optimize your tactics for GGPoker.

  1. Rake & Rakeback System
  2. tactics
  3. Bonuses & Prizes

1. Rake & Rakeback System

What is PVI rake?

PVI stands for Player Value Index.

The idea behind the Player Value Index system is to have the recreational players benefit more in comparison to professional players. Recs should end up with a high PVI factor, and therefore earn more rakeback than a pro when they would be truly raking the same amount.

The GG Network attaches a PVI factor to each player ranging from 0-1. This factor is then multiplied by your true rake generated. Each new account starts with a PVI of 1, and it can fluctuate over time depending on multiple variables.

If you have a PVI factor of 0.8 and the true rake generated over a certain period is $1,000, your rakeback will be based on $800 PVI rake. The rakeback coming from the Fish Buffet as well as the welcome bonus is determined by this PVI rake number.

Based on our own research, the minimum PVI factor is 0.36, and the key determinants that lower your PVI score are volume and winnings. Both variables seem to be perceived as typical for a ‘regular’ and the higher they are, the quicker your PVI goes down.

This way the recs/regs ratio is more in balance. And when recreational players are able to stay in the game longer, this also benefits the pros.

How does the Fish Buffet rakeback system work?

In the screenshot you can see the different ranks within the Fish Buffet rakeback system. Every new account starts out at Plankton. By earning Fish Points (FPs) you’re able to climb in rank, from a Bronze Crab, to a Silver and Gold Crab, before becoming a Bronze Octopus, and so on.

GGPoker's Fish Buffet cashback structure

For every $1 generated in PVI rake you will earn 100 FPs. In order to move up from a Bronze Shrimp to a Silver Shrimp, 6,000 FPs or generate $60 in PVI rake is needed. Additionally, there’s a time limit in order to move up in ranks which can be seen in the fourth column.

In order to move up from a Bronze Octopus to a Silver one, $600 (6,000 FPs) should be generated in rake within 30 days, or you’ll stay at the Bronze level and the FPs will be reset to zero to try again.

Whenever you reach a new rank, you’ll be awarded a spin on the fish wheel. This spin will determine your rakeback.

If you become a Silver Shrimp the spin value will be between $6 and $30. Since $60 in rake needs to be generated in order to get to this rank, the rakeback spin value lies between 10% and 50%.

Black Ranks

Because the variance of these spins can be high, GGPoker introduced the Black Ranks, featuring a fixed rakeback percentage.

Below you can see the different Black Ranks paying out a fixed cashback rate. For example, a Black Whale earns $1 per 200 FP ($2 in PVI rake) which comes down to 50% cashback.

A table showing the Black Ranks from GGPoker's cashback structure

You will receive your reward for the previous week every Monday. In order to get the reward credited, you have to hit the “Collect” button in the Black tab. Uncollected rewards continue to accumulate each week.

For each Black Rank, there’s a yearly requirement to maintain your status. Once you switched to Black Fish your status will be maintained indefinitely, earning at a 20% cashback rate.

All Shark ranks can switch to Black Whale, all Whales to Black Octopus and all Octopus, Crab, and Shrimp ranks can switch to Black Fish at any moment.

If you’re at a Black Rank and want to switch back to the Fish Buffet, you can also do so. A Black Fish will start at Bronze Shrimp, a Black Octopus will start at Bronze Whale and a Black Whale starts as Bronze Shark.

You’re unable to switch back to a Black Rank for the time limit related to the new Bronze rank. This means that when you switch back from a Black Octopus to a Bronze Whale, you’re not allowed to switch back to a Black rank for 60 days.

Is it better for me to select the flat rakeback from the Black Ranks or to Spin the Wheel

If you have a hard time climbing to the next rank in the Fish Buffet, you’re better off choosing a Black Rank to earn a stable cashback amount. If you’re not able to move up within the given time limit, a lot of rakeback is being left on the table, since your remaining points will cash out at a 10% rate only.

Make sure to do the calculations beforehand to know whether you’re able to reach the next rank. If you don’t make it, your current rank will be demoted to the previous one.

If you’re willing to gamble on the amount of rakeback you’ll receive from spinning the wheel, make sure to check out the frequencies of rakeback prizes to be won per rank, shown at the GGPoker website under ‘Fish Buffet’.

How much rake do I pay on GGPoker?

In the following table, you can find the rake structure for regular Pot Limit Omaha cash game tables. The rake cap is displayed in big blinds, so for PLO25 ($0.10/$0.25 blinds), the rake cap is $0.75. The rake cap for a $5/$10 cash game table is $15, or 1.5 BB.

Pot Limit Omaha rake structure on GGPoker

In the table below you can find the rake structure for PLO Rush & Cash games:

Rush & Cash PLO rake structure in GGPoker

In terms of rake in big blinds per 100 hands (bb/100) we come to the following conclusion. Note that actual rake paid depends heavily on playing style too.

Rake Caps

3BB = 13 bb/100

2BB = 11 bb/100

1.5BB = 10 bb/100

1BB = 7 bb/100*

*The relatively large drop at the stakes where a 1BB rake cap is in place is because there’s no extra jackpot fee. For more information on the jackpot, go to: How does the “Big Hand Jackpot” work on GGPoker?

2. Playing Environment

Should I play regular tables or Rush & Cash?

In this clip, PLO Mastermind coach Luuk Botter talks about the key differences between playing regular tables and fast-fold tables:

Here’s JNandez’s advice:

“I would recommend regular tables: The rake structure is better and the games are softer. You have less nitty leaderboard players and more recreational players, against whom you can build up interesting dynamics and reads.”

How does the waiting list lobbying system work on GGPoker?

If you like to play in a game with a minimum number of players and currently there are no tables available, you have the option to select “Group Wait”. You’ll have to select what’s your minimum player per table requirement and as soon the criterion is met, you’ll be seated.

When no table is available you’ll be put in a queue until a table matches your requirement. In case enough players are on the waiting list a new table will be created.

This option is available in all cash games except for Rush & Cash and VIP games.

How much should my buy-in be at GGPoker’s Cash Game tables?

The minimum buy-in for regular Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game tables are 10 big blinds and the minimum buy-in for PLO playing the fast-fold format Rush & Cash is 20 big blinds.

JNandez’s advice:

“I would recommend to buy-in as deep as possible if most of the players on the table are deep as well. It’s tough to overcome to rake while shortstacking on GG, as the rake cap gets reached less often and you end up paying lots of rake in spots with small edges. It’s generally better to let your opponent make massive mistakes for 100bb+ and reach the rake cap at the same time.”

How does the bum hunting policy work on GGPoker?

A time penalty system has been introduced in order to limit bum hunting. If you’re entering a table, sit but leave before playing a hand there’s no issue. When you played a single hand and leave the table before playing 10 hands you’ll get a time penalty.

The first time it happens there won’t be a penalty but the second time a 5 minute penalty before you can rejoin a table at the same stakes. If it happens a 3rd time, a penalty of 15 minutes is given, 4th time, 30 minutes, and when it happens a 5th time, you’ll be excluded for an hour.

All penalties will be accumulated for a 12-hour period. The penalty system applies to all cash games besides Rush & Cash, All-in or Fold, and VIP games.

Does GGPoker offer database and/or HUD support?

GGPoker has an in-built Smart HUD, which is available te be used by every player. This is the only HUD that is allowed to use on GGPoker.

The Voluntary Put $ In Pot (VPIP) statistic is shown for every player as well as an icon showing how hot or cold they are running. When you click on a player’s avatar, the Smart HUD Box will pop up and show you additional information.

GGPoker's Smart Hud

If you want to download your hand histories to analyze your game in Hold’em Manager 3 or Poker Tracker 4 you can do so via PokerCraft. Download the hand histories in .zip file and import them into your favorite database.

This way you can keep track of your results and analyze your own gameplay.

Try Holdem Manager 3 or PokerTracker 4 for one month for free.

How can I take notes and color code players on GGPoker?

When you’re playing at a table, click on the avatar of the opponent you wish to take a note on or attach a color code to. A pop-up will show more information on the player and the bottom part will show as in the screenshot below.

GGPoker's player notes and color code screen

If you want to take a note you can just start typing in the box that says ‘Write a note..”. To label an opponent, click on one of the colors on the right side, below ‘Label’.

The box around his username and balance will show in the color you selected. Click ‘Label’ to give each color code a name. After attaching a color code to an opponent, the label given will be showing whenever you hover over the player’s avatar or username.

How does All-In Insurance work?

The All-In Insurance becomes an option when:

  • You are the favorite to win the pot
  • Total pot size is at least 10x the amount of the big blind
  • Your opponents has 14 or less outs to win
  • There are only two players remaining in the hand
  • The odds of your hand being beaten is 2 or higher The ‘Claim’ is the amount you’ll receive when one of the underdog’s outs hit on the next street. The ‘Premium’ is the actual cost of taking the insurance.

The actual cost or so-called Premium is calculated by dividing the Claim by the odds.

GGPoker's All-In Insurance screen

Which countries are allowed to play in GGPoker?

Players from the following countries are able to register an account on GGPoker: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Plurinational State of Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Finland, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Senegal, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Vietnam.

3. Bonuses & Prizes

Does GGPoker offer a welcome bonus?

Yes, receive $100 in rewards or a 100% match deposit bonus up to $600. Note that there’s a minimum deposit amount of $20 in order to select one of the welcome bonuses.

In case you’re playing micro stakes it’s more valuable to choose the $100 in rewards. Here’s how your bonus package will look like:

GGPoker's Welcome Bonus rewards package

If you’re planning to generate some rake it’s better to choose the $600 Welcome Bonus.

GGPoker's 100% match deposit bonus

It’s a 100% bonus matching up to $600. When you deposit $150, you’ll receive a bonus of $150. If you’re depositing $1,000 you’ll receive a $600 bonus since that’s the maximum.

You’ll have 90 days to unlock the bonus. The clearance rate of the bonus is 25%, paying out $5 for every $20 paid in PVI rake. In order to clear the full $600 bonus, you need to generate $2,400 in PVI rake within this 90-day period.

C$ Explained

Leaderboards and some other promotions are paying out their rewards in cash game dollars, or C$. When you sit down at a cash game table you can decide how much of your available C$ balance you like to add to your stack. Note that C$ can only be spent on cash game tables.

The following picture clarifies how C$ work.

A visual explanation of how C$ works in GGPoker

In case you win a hand including C$ of your own, it will be used to pay rake and the jackpot fee. When you win someone else’s C$ it’s directly converted into cash.

How do the leaderboards work?

Every day over $20k is awarded in both Pot Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold’em leaderboards for regular tables and Rush & Cash games, awarding $80k total on a daily basis.

Regular tables

Here’s the prize distribution on the PLO leaderboard for regular tables. Your rank is determined by the stakes you’re playing in as well as the number of raked hands.

A table showing GGPoker's PLO leaderboard prizes for regular tables

Check out the regular cash game tables leaderboards.

All prizes are paid in C$ Earn 1.5x points during Happy hour that runs from 6 to 8am (GMT) every day.

Note that when you take All-In Insurance on the flop, you are committed to taking it on the turn as well.

If one of the underdog’s outs hit on the next street, you’ll be able to collect your insurance payment directly. In case you insured but still win the hand, you’ll win the pot as normal with the Premium being deducted from the pot.

Rush & Cash tables

Here’s how your leaderboard rank is determined. Earn points while playing or by buying insurance. Players can earn up to a maximum of 20 points per hand.

GGPoker's Rush & Cash leaderboard point system

A table showing GGPoker's PLO leaderboard prizes for Rush & Cash tables

Check out the Rush & Cash tables leaderboards

All prizes are paid in C$. Earn 2x points during Happy Hour that runs from 6 to 8am (GMT) every day. Only 40 obtainable points are to be won during Happy Hour, and Cash Drop winners are limited to 20 obtainable points only. (For more information on Cash Drops go to What are the Cash Drops in Rush & Cash games?)

How does the “Big Hand Jackpot” work on GGPoker?

To get more info on the current prize pool of the big hand jackpot click on the following icon at the top left of your regular Cash Game table (not Rush & Cash).

GGPoker's Big Hand Jackpot icon

The following pop-up will show displaying the prize pool per stake level. A four of a kind, straight flush or royal flush will qualify for a jackpot payment. The percentage shown below Hold’em and Omaha multiplied by the prize pool of the stakes you’re playing at that given moment determines your jackpot prize.

GGPoker's Big Hand Jackpot structure

For each pot equal to or larger than 30 big blinds, 1 big blind is collected as a jackpot fee. The requirements to qualify for a Big Hand Jackpot hand are the following:

  • Use two hole cards to make the jackpot hand (a pocket pair to make four of a kind)
  • Commit at least 15 big blinds to the pot before making the jackpot hand
  • The jackpot prize will be awarded regardless of your opponent’s action
  • Only the first run qualifies as a ‘Big Hand’ when running it multiple times

What are the Cash Drops in Rush & Cash games?

Whereas regular cash game tables have the Big Hand Jackpot as a running promotion, Rush & Cash games offer Cash Drops. A Cash Drop amount ranges from an additional 10 big blinds up to even 600 big blinds added to the pot. Larger Cash Drops are divided and directly added to each player’s stack.

Just like in the Big Hand Jackpot promotion 1 big blind is collected from every pot that equals or is larger than 30 big blinds.

What is GGPoker Care?

GGPoker Care is a daily flip-out tournament with $30,000 in prizes. The tournament is automatic and you don’t need to even be online when the tournament is taking place. Registration for the tournament takes place automatically as well.

You will qualify for GGCare whenever you lose a hand through a bad beat, suckout or cooler. Exact details are varying per game and are subject to change over time. So whenever you lose a hand it can still qualify as entry into the GGCare flip-out tournament, where you can win additional C$ that will be added to your account after the tournament finishes.

Results can be checked under ‘My Tournaments’ or on the PokerCraft timeline.

Do you want to sign up for GGPoker? Make sure to link your account to Black Card for additional rewards!

Step 1: Open this link in a private or incognito window and write ‘blackcard’ in the Bonus Code (Optional) section.

GGPoker's Bonus Code section

Step 2: Fill in the application form on the Black Card website.

(We’re unable to welcome GGPokerOK (Russia), OIybet (Finland & Baltics), or GGPuke (China) players to Black Card)


Poker sites are always looking for a way to make the games enjoyable and stable for beginners and experts alike.

GGPoker is no exception. They make sure the site has a great environment with benefits for recreational players without tipping the balance too much so it also remains attractive for regulars.

Before jumping into the action it’s incredibly useful to have all the information available so you can make optimal tactical decisions.

If you consider any information shown on this page to be inaccurate or are you missing a topic that should be explained here, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Thanks for your feedback.

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